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Academy Flyer Portfolio

Besides just the creation of new flyers for both mortgage product information and homebuyer education, I was also tasked with the management of the catalog. This included the base flyer and other associated collateral: emails, text messages, and social posts. Maintaining the catalog of 200+ active materials involved working with the Product, Credit Policy, and …

Chums Catalogs

Producing the annual Chums catalogs for their product line in addition to catalogs for their Safety and Beyond Coastal Sun Care divisions. These were created with input from the sales team while coordinating with purchasing, manufacturing, and product development as well as third-party vendors and contributors. Besides the typical graphic design skills used in creating …

City Weekly Covers

In addition to putting together the puzzle of the issue every week, balancing editorial and advertising, I designed the covers and cover stories for select issues. These issues, like all issues, started with the cover meetings where we would decide on a headline for the cover story and discuss the imagery we were looking for.